Serving the Children of the World.


In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to connect with other members through one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Administration - Club Assessment 1. Provide evaluations of all services and fundraising projects immediately after the event. 2. Evaluate the club functions and membership quarterly. 3. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors for any changes.
Administration - Foundation/Resource Development/ Kiwanis International Initiative 1. Ensure the club has the financial means necessary to continue to be the largest service club in Seward and a leader in the district. 2. Plan and facilitate with the help of the clubs membership for fundraising events. 3. Continue the IRS 501 C 3 status and be the donation gathering group of the club. 4. Begin to build an endowment for service grants to be awarded in the future.
Administration - Membership Growth 1. Ensure the club has a year over year growth in membership. 2. Educate membership on values of Kiwanis membership. 3. Focus on gaining new professional members under the age of 40 and build our base of retired members.
Administration - Public Relations 1. Create and distribute a club newsletter once a month. 2. Update the Kiwanis website at least monthly. 3. Make Kiwanis web site a valuable resource to all club members.
Ag Recognition Banquet Committee Plan and conduct annual agriculture banquet in collaboration with Seward County Ag Society, Seward County Partnership and Chamber. Recognition of one Outstanding Farm Family (KIWANIS), Outstanding Agribusinessman (SCPC) and Youth Ag scholarships (Seward County Ag Society). Committee involves planning location, meal, invitations, sponsorship, program and more. Funds raised go toward youth programs such as the backpack program sponsored by KIWANIS, 4-H, Families and more.
Bingo Callers Bingo is called once a week at each of two senior care facilities in Seward. Emeritus Heartland bingo is called from 2:30 to 3:30 P.M. on Mondays. Greene Place bingo is called from 2:00 to 3:00 P.M. on Fridays. Callers set up and clean up the calling equipment. The time commitment is about one and one-half hours once every other month for most volunteers.
Board of Directors
Meyer, Jerry
Meets 4th Wednesday of each month, unless it falls on or near a holiday.
Community Recycling Help at the recycling center once a month.
Community Service - Farmers Recognition Banquet Subcommittee Design, organize, produce, and display the farmers recognition banquet.
Community Service - Flag Pole Subcommittee Sell, Service, and Install Flag Poles in and around Seward County.
Community Service Committee 1. Provide the club opportunity to serve the community through the food bank and back pack program, recycling, home delivered meals, bingo calling , courthouse flag displays, installation of flag poles, maintenance of the disc golf course, etc.
Fellowship & Human/Spiritual Values 1. Arrange for two greeters at every weekly meeting. 2. Provide invocation at all meetings of the club. 3. Provide at least two opportunities during the year for the club to fellowship outside of a weekly meeting. 4. Coordinate a spiritual message program during the Christmas holiday and also during the Easter season.
Home Delivered Meals Meals are delivered 5 days a week 52 weeks a year to approved NEDHHS clients. A volunteers uses their own car to pick up meals from the Seward Hospital kitchen ONLY once a month at 11:20 A.M. and deliver the meals to clients; The trip is about 5 miles within Seward city limits. Delivery takes about an hour.
KiTones Kiwanis members rehearse and sing for community events and gatherings such as Seward Fourth of July, Brookdale at Heartland Park, Greene Place, Head Start Christmas Meal, veterans recognition gatherings, Utica Senior Center, Lied Senior Center, Seward, Senior Citizen Prom, and others as requested.
Major Emphasis/Youth Services 1. Provide for the club opportunities to serve the youth in the community through Head Start, Read Around the World, Hats Coats & Boots Drives, Family Night Out Pancake Breakfast (March), pool party, etc.
Meetings Programs and Set-up 1. Arrange for weekly meetings: Locations, meals, handouts, set up banners, microphone and bell. 2. Find & schedule weekly speakers and programs. 3. Provide a suggestion box for club members. Evaluate meetings effectiveness and recommend changes to the board of directors. 4. Schedule interclub meetings and encourage club members to attend.
Service Leadership Program 1. Charter K-Kids club at the Seward Elementary or St. Vincent de Paul or St John's Lutheran School. Utilize Bring Up Grades and Terrific Kids materials. 2. Provide Kiwanis Advisor guidance to the Builders Club and the Key Club. 3. Ensure representatives from sponsored youth programs attend Kiwanis meetings regularly. 4. Facilitate the Kiwanis One Day Service Project every April. 5. Community Recycling